Driving across the country in one day!

Our last day in Bethlehem was sad, but it was nice to spend some time on the bus instead of walking around all day. First stop was a kindergarten class at a refugee camp run by the YWCA of Palestine, and organization PC(USA) has a long history if partnership with. We brought school supplies to donate and played with the kids for a while. Boy are they crazy and desperate for piggy back rides!

The YWCA also served us lunch made by women in the culinary training program!
After a delicious lunch and we got some nice, cold ice cream, it was back on the bus to the Mount of Temptations where we could see, you guessed it, a church built on the top of the mountain. I think any possible holy site had to have a church built on it!  We were then on our way through the Israeli military zones to the Jordan River, where Jesus was supposedly baptized. The river is the border between Israel and Jordan, and it was cool to see Jordan across the river!

Two hours, a quick nap, a few checkpoints, and too many bad jokes later we made it to Nazareth where we had a free night to chill at the hotel. The view is astounding and I can't believe I get a room with such an incredible view!!

Only a few more days left, I don't want to go home!