You Just Can't Learn It All

I set out to understand Zionism, Palestinian Liberation Theology, and the general history of the conflict and I knew it would be a doubting task. I didn't realize just how daunting it would be. 

The more and more I read and learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict the more I realize I will never fully understand the whole thing. The intricacies of the history of just the past 100 years in the region and the vast spectrum of beliefs held by the occupants of the same land make even attempting to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation near impossible. There were so many atrocities committed by both sides, both have such compelling arguments as to why they should be able to live in this holy land, and it is so easy to turn to a game of right and wrong. The problem is this is not a black and white issue. One side is not right, one side is not wrong.  Israel and Palestine are a large gray mass clouded with guilt, religious and ethnic persecution, belief in divine right, a yearning for justice and a hope fr a better future.  The solution is out there somewhere, but there is so much for the populations of both Israel and Palestine to work though that without being able to leave the past behind (mind you not forgotten) it will be difficult to move forward with the combination of PEACE and JUSTICE the region so desperately needs. 

EDIT 3/30: I think what I am most terrified of with this trip is misinforming any readers.  I want to be as unbiased as possible and I know some people reading this will rely on the information I provide to be accurate and may form opinions based on it.  I don't want to be called out for being wrong or partial to one side of the issue.  And the more I read, the more it becomes clear to me how little I actually do know about the conflict.  So I will do my best to provide accurate, unbiased information but please be kind and polite if you find an error in my content.  Most importantly thing critically and for yourself- not what I think, but what you think.