Where has time gone?

I blinked and my time in Australia is over halfway over!

Between classes, side trips, exploring Perth, enjoying the first semester of university I haven't been working more hours than I spend in class, and searching for a job for when I get home, time has flown by.  I have a million ideas and notes for posts to write about on my phone and a half dozen posts partially written, but the "I'll do it tomorrows" added up and here it's almost MAY!

I'm working on playing catch up, going through photos and more snorkeling footage, this time from my spring break trip to Indonesia.

So many of my friends at home graduate in just a few weeks, then I'll be finished with exams only a few weeks after that and headed (slowly) back to the states!  Then I'll be back to the real world with a real job.  It's certainly been interesting going from working full time while in school, to just being a uni student, but I'm excited to be heading back into the workforce! 

View of downtown Perth from Kings Park

While I haven't been writing about my adventures much, I have been slowly updating and publishing a few lists I keep personally and decided to put them on the blog as well!  

Over the holidays my mom and I sat and compiled lists of all the airports we had been to and at the time she had me beat, but I think I've passed her now!  

Since I've flown so much in the last six months I also put together brief reviews of the different airlines I've flown with and my experiences with each one.  I know there's nothing worse than finding a good deal on a flight, but realizing the service and extra fees are so terrible you might as well have paid the extra for a nicer flight.  Please feel free to share your experiences on the same or other airlines as well!

That's all for now, and I promise I'm working hard on getting up to speed with all my past adventures!  I'm going to do one post a week, and I'm hoping by committing to it publicly I'll actually stick to it this time.

In the meantime- I'm job hunting in Sacramento or Seattle for full time work starting this summer so feel free to pass opportunities my way!