All the notes I took from speakers are handwritten in scrawled cursive- partially because I was trying to get so much information down so fast, and also in case Israeli authorities decided to flip through my notebook they wouldn't easily be able to read anything.  That combined with so much information in so little time, my brain can't keep straight who said what, the organization they work with and so on.  But as I slowly type up my notes and process the whole experience, I keep remembering stories I either forgot while blogging, were too long to fully explain in a short post, or wanted to leave out for security. 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to try to write down as many of these stories as I can and get them up for your reading pleasure.  There are so many memories I didn't journal about while abroad because I was having too much fun living in the moment, or I only realize how funny and incredulous it was after getting home and want to document them before I forget.  Bear with me, it may be a slow process, but I promise I will get more information and stories up as soon as I can.