The Countdown Begins!

Well if I'm being realistic I've been counting down since I found out I was going back in November.  I've spent the last three months trying really hard not to pack, and slowly been collecting everything I will need.
Plowing through reading, following the news as best I can, and trying to figure out how to pack for two weeks in 80 degrees then two days in cool London in a suitcase, carry-on and large purse is a challenge, but I get more and more excited the closer it gets. 

I am still debating how I want to do my vlogs- daily, a few themed episodes, risk taking my computer to upload great videos while I'm abroad,  just try uploading from basic videos my ipod, or even just waiting til I get back to post everything.  I know I want to blog here as much as possible (depending on wifi availability at the hotels) to keep everyone updated on what I'm learning, seeing, and doing.
I will also be up to my usual social media escapades and using #mosaicofpeace with everything while I'm abroad.
Four more weeks!  Let's see if I can hold off on packing for at least another two!