March Goals

Today's date is January {crosses everything out} I mean MARCH 5th...

Where has the year gone!?  It's already March 2015!

I'm not normally a goals person, I have them kind of mapped out in my head and don't usually write them out in any form.  But because my life is getting crazy with midterms galore, work going crazy, AND trying to blog a little more consistently, I have decided outlining some goals would be good for me.  And posting them here will (hopefully) keep me accountable.

My gorgeous new Passion Planner is seriously a life saver.

My gorgeous new Passion Planner is seriously a life saver.

  1. GO TO BED EARLY I'm a terrible night owl, I feel so much more productive late at night.  But saying up late and having to be up early is killing me.  I don't want to repeat last semester where I was constantly sleep deprived and living from one cup of coffee to the next.
  2. SKINCARE  My skin is atrocious.  I know in my 20's I'm not really supposed to care and should live wild and free!  But I'm noticing more and more that my poor diet and lack of sleep is killing my skin.  Being so tired I go to bed with my make up on (whoops) and wearing make up almost every day is not helping either.  I recently discovered and it has become my Bible.  She uses a lot of high-end products, but she makes sure to also share cheaper alternatives for broke college students like me.
  3. EXERCISE MORE I don't have a ton of room in my schedule for more working out, but going to yoga once a week has been really nice.  I just need to find time to fit another physical activity into my week somewhere.

I'm hoping these are realistic enough that I can accomplish these this month and it will help make my life a little less crazy!

I also updated my monthly playlist!  You can probably tell a few albums I've been listening to on repeat with multiple songs from their new works: Smoke + Mirrors from Imagine Dragons,  Our Own House from MisterWives (seriously go listen to this album, it's so great- they're about to explode onto the mainstream music scene) and TALKING IS HARD from Walk the Moon, who I'll be seeing in concert later this month!

The Austin 100 playlist from NPR of top songs to look for at SXSW this month just came out and I'm working my way through that, so look for my favorites from that next month!

Do you have any goals for March?