Lovely Letters- March

It’s a little late, but better late than never, right?

Life is so funny the way we think we can control it and have everything go according to plan.  Make a schedule, have everything run as smoothly as anticipated, and avoid major problems with said schedule? 
If only life really worked that way.

But inevitably something comes up, a wrench is thrown into a gear and that perfect plan goes out the window.  But we regroup, move on, and keep plugging away.

Why am I going on and on about this when I’m supposed to be talking about the fantastic package Kristin sent me?

Because life happens and we roll with the punches.  Why get caught up on the bumps when we can be doing so much more with our time and energy?  (I'm in a philosophical mood, let's just go with it.)

I loved getting to know Kristin, and while we haven’t had too much of a chance to talk because we’ve both been so busy I look forward to getting to know her more soon!  I had midterms, getting my wisdom teeth pulled out, and hit that mid-semester slump (aka I have no motivation to do anything at all).  Meanwhile Kristin was off in South Korea - which is a whole lot more exciting than me sitting on my couch for four days with an ice pack to my face- and was delayed sending out her package. 

But I finally got it today and all is well!

The theme this month was green and I think it’s hilarious we both sent each other candles.  I happened to stumble upon a green candle with a ‘green’ scent.  Yes that was the scent.  It smells fresh and plant-y and… kind of like grass?  But it was too perfect to not send.  I wish I had taken a picture before I sent it but as usual I was in a rush and didn’t get a chance before I dropped it in the mail. 

GREEN! Postcards, a candle, soap, engraved stone (beach glass??) sea shells and a card! 

GREEN! Postcards, a candle, soap, engraved stone (beach glass??) sea shells and a card! 

Since Kristin lives in Hawaii she sent me “a little piece of Hawaii” which is super sweet and I love it!  I will definitely be using my candle, although she found a much better scented green candle- gardenia!  I love love love fun smelling soaps (Lush is a dangerous place for me) so I can’t wait to use the matching scented soap.  I see a relaxing afternoon with a nice hot bath and candles in my future to transport me to a tropical island…. The shells and stone are such an original idea and know the perfect place to put them on my bookshelf.  I also need to figure out something to do with all the postcards I’ve now received!  Maybe I can find a way to bind them?  Any suggestions?

Make sure to check out Kristin’s awesome blog of her adventures, travel tips, and more!  I can only imagine how many hikes and beaches there are to write about living in Hawaii!

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