Back to School and Nostalgia Over School Supplies- Lovely Letters

Hi blog.

It's been a while.  I have about three posts drafted that I haven't had the chance to finish, and I know I need to put more work into this relationship if it's going to work out, but school is just so important to me.  And you know how demanding midterms can be!

Okay okay I'm done talking to my blog like it's a neglected boyfriend, but you get the point.  Life has been a little hectic for me and sometimes I forget to finish my posts.  But that's changing I promise!  I have a post I'm really proud of that I'm almost done with now on the refugee crisis and what you can do to help.  If school could cut me a little slack and if amazing people would quit putting out more amazing resources on refugees I need to analyze and add to my post.  But it's coming soon, I promise!

Back to the fun: Lovely Letters is back!  I took the summer off because I knew I was going to be busy with an internship and I really missed it.  I love getting to know new bloggers and as a big gifter, I love nothing more than buying cute little gifts for others! 

This month I was paired with Ellie over at Peanut Butter & Ellie and it's been great getting to know her.  We're both in our senior years (me college, her high school) and we've been sharing our goals and love of school supplies the new school year brings.  Funnily enough, we both sent each other school supplies!

Once again I forgot to photograph what I sent, one day I'll remember!  But watch her blog to see when she gets it!  Ellie sent:

A school folder, fun travel themed postcards, a notebook, gum, paper clips and erasers, a smoothie recipe (she posts vegan recipes on her blog!) and a Lovely Letter.  

 It's been so great getting to know Ellie and feeling nostalgic over Crayola crayons and our middle school love for zippered binders that contained our life.  Make sure to head over and give her some love and try a few of her recipes!

I'll be back soon, I promise.  No more month-long breaks!