Last Lovely Letters of 2014!

I'm so sad this is the last Lovely Letters of 2014, but I'm excited to continue this great little exchange in 2015!

This month I was paired with Hsiao-Ting over at Shouting Chow and although we were both pretty busy and didn't get to talk much, it was nice getting to know her.  

This month was just a card exchange, and unfortunately with my busy finals schedule I wasn't able to get my package to her before she left for the holidays, so I can't wait to see what she thinks of what I sent!


Hsiao sent me Christmas card and two cute Winnie the Pooh Valentine's cards I can't wait to use this year!  Plus a pencil I think I'll use to write my letters in the future. 

As an added bonus I got a card from my partner last month, Roxanne which was super sweet.  Thanks Roxanne!

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