Last Day in Bethlehem

Another day, another breakfast! This morning was an earlier morning, and we walked to the ICB  for a few speakers in the morning.  After sitting for a few hours in hard seats we got lunch!  The ICB has been so gracious feeding us several times while we've been here. We then rushed back on the buses to visit Dar Al Kareem college where we learned about the programs they have for Palestinians living in Bethlehem. 

After a quick tour we got back on the bus, again, and headed to the refugee camp Pope Francis will be visiting on his trip to the Holy Land in a few weeks!!  We also stopped by the Wall to take picture of the Banksy grad for art!  I've never seen any of Banksy's art in person so that was a neat experience. 

One last time back to the ICB for a farewell dinner, and a play by the Al-Harah Theater Group.  We walked back to the hotel and spent the rest for the night in the bar with the best bartender in the world, Hamzah, who gave us shots,  beers, and hookah (or shashi) in Arabic for free.  We obviously left a generous tip at the end of the night, and it was a great way to end our stay in Bethlehem!!