If you follow my Instagram you probably saw this news a few months ago because I couldn't contain my excitement.  But because it's so far off  I was waiting to make sure I got all my paperwork done before officially announcing I will be SPENDING MY LAST SEMESTER OF UNDERGRAD IN PERTH, AUSTRALIA!



I can't believe I'm leaving in just five months!  I haven't quite wrapped my brain around it yet, I still have so much left to do.  Getting my visa, planing my travel, waiting to hear back on my housing situation, and things I probably haven't even thought of yet!  I met a student from the school I'll be going to who spent a semester at my school and she gave us lots of advice including:

  • Make sure to be there for Australia Day (January 26) which is like American 4th of July but BIGGER and BETTER!
  • Bali for spring break (well... technically it will be fall there) because it's so cheap, drop dead gorgeous,  yoga retreats, swimming, and tons of college kids all partying!
  • Live on campus!  There's so much more going on
  • Don't take the train at night, take a taxi home from the bar/club
  • Australian classes are harder!

I also plan on making lots of side trips not only around Australia but to surrounding countries on long weekends as well as before and after the semester.  If you have any suggestions of where I should go and places I can't miss, let me know!

I've already found out many things I didn't know, like that Visas are expensive!  Over the next few months I will be posting about the whole process and tips on what not to do as I go through everything.  I'll also be putting together a bucket list of things to do while in Australia and welcome suggestions.

If you have spent a semester (or more!) abroad where did you go?  Or where would you want to go?  What do I have to make sure I do while I'm gone?

I'm so excited to spend my last semester in a new and exciting place, going on so many adventures, and can't wait to share it all!