I don't think excited is quite the word.

I still need to finish packing, run a few errands, and clean my apartment before I leave.  And I'm so excited I can't sleep because I'm planning my days in London (plus I had espresso at 9pm.  Not the best idea I've ever had).  Thus I have found the top coffee shops to hit up in locations near where I'll be, bought my London Eye ticket, though I still have to decided if I want to go during daylight or at night, and am trying to decide if I really want to ride the subway for an hour or if I should just shell out the money for a faster route to/from the airport and my hotel.  I'm just now realizing I'm slightly under prepared for London, but I also just want to wander around and see everything like a local, get lost, find a cool spot, and find my way back to my hotel without looking like too much of a tourist. 
Trying to keep myself from over packing is going to be a big issue.  I think I will have to follow the rule of unpack the last 5 items of clothing you pack, and I should be ok.  I've never been gone for this long, and with visiting two separate climates I'm struggling to not look touristy, but still be functional and not have a 100lb carry on bag.  This is the longest trip I've ever been on, and the longest time I've ever been off work! Today, well yesterday because it's 3am, was my last day until mid May.  That's just strange to me.  It's going to be odd being gone so long, but I'm hoping I'll be having so much fun I won't notice the time flying by. 
I can't believe it's finally here.  After months of waiting it's finally happening!  I can't wait to find out who my roomie is, find out if I can really handle 7 hour flights, do I really like the window seat better than an aisle seat, and see so many wonderful things.  The most important thing I will need to remind myself of is taking time to write either in my journal or on this blog, and I think I'll take my water color pencils along as well.  I loved having that option at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and how can I not do some sketches of the places I'll be visiting?  If I have time to catch a breath.
One more day!  Now I really need sleep before I sleep through the day tomorrow.