My Favorite Responses to Being an American Abroad

Apparently Americans are not frequent travelers to Australia, so when people find out I'm from the USA the first question is always, "Oh what part?"  Because I've had this conversation a million times in the last few months I started answering I was from California from the start to shorten the obligatory interaction, which only leads to the question of which city.  It's rare to find someone who actually has heard of Sacramento or even knows where it's located.  About 95% of the time they only know about it because of basketball.  Go Kings (except not really because I'm the rare Sacramentan who really doesn't care).

My favorite part of these interactions with new people I meet are their reaction to my being an American or hearing my accent.  Everyone has a different response, and my opinion on politics and Trump usually comes up fairly quickly.  And with the recent news of Ted Cruz dropping out of the race it's only going to get worse and my response is moving towards finding a way to stay in Australia!

Here is a list of my favorite responses to being an American in the land down under, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

What's Taco Bell like?

Where is your accent from?

What's uni life like?  It must be so great!

What are frat parties like?

Do you really have those little desk things like in the movies?

Did you ride a yellow school bus when you were a kid?

Is high school really like the movies?

We don't get many Americans around here!

Is our accent [Australian] hard to understand?

You're not Canadian?

Are there guns everywhere?

Do you own a gun?

So do you think Trump is actually going to win?

What are you going to do when Trump wins?

Have you had any interesting responses to your nationality while traveling?  I'd love to hear other great reactions!