Electric Christmas - Concert Review

Whoops, I know it's a little late (the concert was early December), but the idea to review a concert never even occurred to me until just recently.

I LOVE music, and live music is always fantastic.  This afternoon as a song was stuck in my head and realized the band is on my ALWAYS GO SEE LIVE NO MATTER WHAT list, I decided I should share my list of the best bands/performers I've seen.

Starting with a review of Electric Christmas!

My sister and I at the concert, can you tell we were excited?

My sister and I at the concert, can you tell we were excited?

The hipster/indie radio station here started a Jingle Ball-type concert last year, and after I had such an amazing time last year, I knew I had to go this year when I saw the line up: Joy WaveVance JoyBig DataFitz and the TantrumsYoung the Giant, and Bush.

Now I have to admit I'm not super into Bush.  Never really listened to them (they were slightly before my time) and we may have left right before they played which may be poor concert etiquette... but what can I do it was a school/work night?

I tried to get some good video but since I was SnapChatting the whole thing, AND trying to enjoy the concert I didn't always get as much as I wanted.


We were running a little late and they started early, but we caught they're last few songs!  For a relatively new band and an opener they were pretty good and sounded great live.


My sister found Vance Joy and got me to listen to him way before "Riptide" went mainstream.  So it was INCREDIBLE to be 20 feet from the stage with the Australian and his ukulele as he sang away.  I really wished his set had been longer and there's no way I'm  going fighting the crowds at a Taylor Swift concert to see him perform again.  He's really funny and was great at the between song chatter.  Definitely one for the list! (minus crazy T-Swizzle craziness)

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I hadn't heard much of their music sine I don't think they have much on Spotify, but I have heard their song "Dangerous" with Joy Wave on the radio.  They danced around the stage with infections energy and I definitely want to listen to more of their music!


A new band for my list!  I had heard some of their songs before and enjoyed them, but never really listened to a whole album really well.  But honestly it doesn't really matter because they put on a SHOW.  They make sure everyone is dancing and moving and there is not a still body in the crowd when they play.  The energy combined with incredible vocals and a genre-less vibe that combines dance, jazz, and soul- it's impossible to not have a great time.

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This is one of the bands my sister and I were both excited to see, especially because she has been such a huge fan for a long time.  While they were pretty good, they weren't as fantastic as Fitz and the Tantrums.  Though to be fair that's a pretty tough act to follow. One song got a little grunge... odd.  But even they admitted they went a little out there and that they were "still in [their] garage."  Overall it was nice hearing some of my favorite songs live, and I would go see them again.

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Like I said... we left before they went on stage.  Was it terrible to do, probably.  But to be fair there were people who go there late just to see Bush so it evens out?  

Despite leaving early,I loved the concert and really hope they do it again!

I've posted my list of favorite performers, as well as started a playlist of my favorite songs that I will be updating every month.  Make sure to check them out!  

What's been your favorite concert you've seen?