Dinner with a Noble Peace Prize Nominee (and ex-con for his peace protests) + My thoughts

I had the pleasure of hearing Fr. John Dear speak and have dinner with him.
Now he’s a crazy peace advocate who’s been arrested something like 75 times, on the highest level of terrorist watch, claims the government killed Martin Luther King, Jr., and has taken a tiny hammer to a giant war plane carrying a nuclear weapon.
He ALSO has written a fantastic book called The Nonviolent Life that details how we can achieve peace through 1. peace with ourselves, 2. peace with each other, and 3. being a part of the global grassroots movement for peace (whether fighting hunger, war, poverty, environmental disaster).  
This is a spectacular way to live your life, that if word spreads on how to live this simple, peaceful life, I think a lot of good and change can come to the world.  I don’t believe in everything he says, I don’t think getting arrested is the way to solve problems, and I don’t think the government is as horrifyingly terrible as he portrays it.  But I think that’s where true intelligence comes in.  When you can listen and talk with someone, and not agree with everything they say but still respect their opinion and agree to disagree- THAT is being intelligent enough to think for yourself.  And while I won’t go protest and be arrested with him at the White House like he invited me to do, I’m going to work hard on living a peaceful life, with myself, others, and continuing to work through Girl Scouts, my church, and my mission trip to the Peacemaking Conference in Israel and Palestine to spread peace, in hopes that one day there are no more wars.