Dear US Postal Service *UPDATED*

Why must you make me so sad?

I was so excited to receive a package from my Lovely Letters pen pal for this month, Robin, and all I got was an empty padded envelope in a bag saying "sorry for the damage."  EMPTY.

I'm sure it was just an oversight that they didn't realize they were delivering an empty envelope (even though the tape had come off and you could see there was nothing inside) but it's still so frustrating to have something like that show up in my mail box.

When I told her what happened, Robin sent another one (which she totally didn't have to do!) and I hopefully will be getting it soon!   I'll update as soon as I get it. 

Nevertheless is was so great getting to know Robin and talking about our summer plans!  Unfortunately mine will involve little travel compared to hers since I'm doing an internship that doesn't leave me much time off.  Make sure to go say hi to Robin on An Ocean Dream!

I'm so happy I remembered to take a photo of what I sent Robin before I sent it in the mail (UPS so it should have arrived in one piece)!  This month's theme was favorites so I picked out some of my favorite summer items to send!

Taffy, Nutella To Go, Almond Butter an Icee (as close as I could get to the actual frozen drink) and sand toys- summer essentials!


Robin was super sweet and resent the package and I got it!  It was perfect timing and waiting for me when I got home from five days of traveling around California!!  Thanks Robin!!

Bracelet kit, tea, tea bag holder, de-stress scented hand sanitizer, sticky notes, adorable summer-themed card!

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