Bethlehem Day... I don't even know any more!

Time is flying by!  The trip is almost over and I'm not ready!  Today we got up and stayed at the hotel for a few speakers, had lunch, then hopped back on the busses for a long drive!  We visited the mosque where Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, and Rachel are burried in Hebron. The mosque was gorgeous and I was truly in awe. Some of the churches we have been to have been beautiful, but the elegant simplicity if this mosque really moved me. Women had to wear head coverings and we all had to take off our shoes. I don't know if that contributed to the solemnity of the occasion but it was certainly powerful. I wish churches made you take off your shoes to walk on comfy carpets!  

After walking around the mosque, we got back on this bus for the drive back to Bethlehem. We stopped for dinner at a restaurant near Shepherds Fields where we had been just the day before, and it was amazing!  The view was incredible, the food delicious, and we had a lot of fun!  

Back on the bus again to head back to the hotel for one last speaker and then we were off for the night!  I've really lived hanging out in the bar or the lounge chairs to just unwind after a long day. We can all relax, stop worrying about absorbing everything around us, and just hang out as friends!  The young adult group has really bonded, and I love spending time with them!