Acadia National Park

What a gorgeous state! Forests, beaches, lighthouses, and lots and lots of ocean!  Having never been to Maine and only been to the East Coast twice before (once being my overnight stays for Mosaic of Peace) I jumped at the chance to spend four days camping with a friend just outside Freeport. You might know the town for the giant L.L. Bean flagship store, well...pavilion really, that calls Feeport home.

The flagship store worshiped by East Coast outdoors people! 

As soon as I got off the plane we took off to spend the day in Acadia National Park, located on Mount Desert Island, stopping for lunch in Bar Harbor.  It is such a cute little town with more places to get seafood you could ever hope to chose between, plus a Chinese restaurant. The views are incredible, there are lots of little shops, and we enjoyed people watching while devouring our meal. 

When we got to Acadia we only had time for the main attractions, starting with Sand Beach.  The waves were crashing, the sun and sand were warm, and we climbed over some rocks along the shore to get a better view.  There is just something about crawling over huge rock faces above the waves that is so much fun!

Onwards to Thunder Hole we went, which is a hole in the rocks that makes a thundering noise when the waves hit just right. Because the tide was rather high it was not performing spectacularly, but I did hear a few good roars. 


One of my favorite sites of the day was Otter Cliff, a bunch of rocks perfect for jumping around on looking out to the open ocean. The tide was coming in so we got to watch the waves crash higher and higher!  I saw a big wave coming and knew I needed a photo, deciding to play chicken with the oncoming swell. Turns out I lost and the very edge of the wave reached up to splash me, but look at the picture I got!

The wave that got me

The wave that got me

The last stop in Acadia was Cadillac Mountain.  If you get there early enough you can witness the first rays of sunrise in the US. We were there in the middle of the day, but it was still spectacular to see the entire area laid out before us, on all sides!

Back in Freeport, we stopped for dinner and got the most amazing dish I think I have ever tasted. Sweet potato fries covered in shredded pork, melted cheese, and dipped into MAPLE SOUR CREAM. It should not have tasted that good, but it did, and if jet lag hadn't been messing with my appetite I would have eaten so much more!  Anyone stopping in Freeport has to stop at Gritty's to give these a try!