A Whirlwind of Adventure

You ever have one of those days were something happens and you just can't believe that actually happened to you?
Welcome to the past two weeks of my life.

My sister's dear friend went missing.  My sister has been up at the camp the missing girl's parents own (and that my sister works for) helping everything run smoothly.  You don't mess with my family, don't you dare.  And if my sister considers this girl to be family to her, she's family to me too.  So now I'm spending every waking minute possible looking for this girl.  After taking three days off my internship/work I had to go back, but I'm there in the evenings and weekends, working my butt off to bring this girl home.

Did I mention that I'm a deacon at church, and on the committee for the campaign the church is having to raise money in the fall?  And work 20 hours per week?  And have an internship 10 hours per week? 

Oh yeah, and I was hit by a stupid driver talking on her phone while I was driving someone else's car.  While looking for the missing girl.  She tried to make an illegal turn at hit the car I was driving.  MERE FEET AWAY FROM THE PASSENGER IN THE FRONT SEAT.  If I had been going a little faster he could have been hit.  And now her Aunt is trying to blame me for it when it was CLEARLY all this dumb girl's fault.  This is why it is illegal to talk on the phone while driving.  Imagine trying to tell someone you got into an accident in their car.  I've never had a traffic violation in my LIFE and I have to make the call to tell him.  Scariest thing I've ever done.  Especially when the girl didn't have her licence with her nor was she insured.  She was also still on the clock at work somehow?  Why you would leave the theater you work at to put a car in a parking garage I have no idea, but that's what she said.  There was all kinds of illegal going on but my dad made us leave before the cops got there.  I wanted her law breaking butt arrested.  But no.

So that's what's been going on in my life!  And only the tip of the iceburg, that's just the big stuff!
I'm ready for a nap right about now.