A Realization

I used to resent the fact that I always ended up in the middle of conflicts, working with both sides to come to an agreement.  I am always fixing my friends' problems and constantly resolving issues.  For a while, I've felt like it's burden and why do I have to do it?
But it's hit me in the last couple weeks that that's just who I am.
I'm almost done with a training through my church to become a Stephen's Minister.  We go through 50 hours of training to learn how to listen and guide people through crises, and although it's been a looooooong training process, I'm really glad I've done it. 
Last night I spend an hour and a half calming my brother out of a fit and helping him get his life back on track and in focus.  Was it hard?  You bet!  Was it worth it?  A million times over.  And I actually enjoyed it a little bit.

People always ask me what I want to do with my business degree when I graduate.  I usually tell them I want to work for a non-profit, to which most smile and nod (or if you're my grandmother, "Why, you won't make any money!").  But I have a new answer. 
I want to make peace.  I am a peace maker, and will do everything in my power to bring more peace to the world.
My dad and brother argue that war is human nature.  Sure, you can say that.  But so is peace.  We are always struggling and fighting towards peace.  Even wars end in peace.
I'm ready to accept who I am and always have been, and excited for the challenges that lay in my future.