A Love Letter to Cafés

Life has kept me pretty busy lately, and between school and work I haven't had much time to give much thought or love to my little blog, nor go on many adventures.  But as I sit in a local coffee house trying to come up with something to write, it hit me: cafés may be the best thing to ever happen to me.

It all started one day when I was desperate to go to brunch but no one was available to go with me.  And as much as I advocate for being independent and able to be with yourself, even if it means solo meals and travel- it's hard!  I just wasn't in the mood for going to a restaurant and eating alone on a Sunday morning.  So instead I packed up my homework and computer and headed to my favorite local coffee house.  

Not only is their coffee to die for, their food is pretty great too!  I settled for a latte and a scone and searched for an open seat to hunker down and get my work done.  The only spot left was at the communal table, which ended up being to my advantage  It's so much easier and fun to talk to others this way, and as much as people love to hate on communal tables, I find it enjoyable if you're looking for a little socialization.  

Not to mention being surrounded by others working hard is motivation to not screw around and get distracted by everything else going on.  Somehow being in a room full of noise and conversation (and potential people watching!) makes me more focused than being at home alone in silence.  There's something about the atmosphere that makes me super productive, and I don't take advantage of it enough, especially since this particular place is open til 11 pm!

Good coffee and food is great, but if it skyrockets my productivity, I never want to leave. 

It also brings together the most amazing group of people!  Students, the self-employed, old couples reading the newspaper together, the couple that comes in just for a bite to eat and sits there awkwardly eating their food not know what to think... young, old, in between, everyone needs a little coffee!

And I think my favorite part of cafés is how different each one is.  Whether rustic and industrial with their roasting machinery out in the open and pallets of fresh coffee beans stacked up, charming and quaint with brick walls and chalkboard signage, chic and modern with minimalist furniture and epic nature photographs, outdoor seating with wood slatted tables,  books on coffee tables surrounded by giant soft couches , every coffee shop has it's own unique vibe and atmosphere that are irresistible to anyone.  Seriously, I dare you to go to a coffee shop for an hour to chat, read, draw, write, or whatever, and not feel comfortable and at home.

And so as I wrap up this post and finish distracting myself from a paper calling my attention, I encourage you to check out your local cafés (and NOT chains like Starbucks or Peet's.  I will admit I have Gold Status at Starbucks, but only because it's so convenient.  Their coffee is crap.).  Support your small business owners and enjoy a unique experience.

What's your favorite café experience?  Is there a hot spot I should check out?  Let me know!