Thanksgiving is over, I'm still full of delicious food and day after sandwiches, but one thing has been sticking in my mind the last few days.


This month's theme for the Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange was gratitude- appropriate for the month all of America decides to think about what they're thankful for, and honestly most of us really forget for the rest of the year.

But between trying to decide what I really am thankful for when we all went around the table at dinner, and choosing gifts to send to my Lovely Letters partner I can't help but think of the amazing opportunities I've had in 2014 I never could have imagined this time last year...

From getting to spend time in snowy Oregon for Christmas last year, to seeing my grandparents in Arizona early this year, to getting to spend two incredible weeks in Israel and Palestine learning and experiencing, exploring London for two days all on my own, a fantastic adventure in Maine, getting to  see family in New Mexico and speak on a panel at the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act National Conference (I know I'm late on the blogging about this whole experience, school hit me harder than I anticipated, but I will get it up soon!), and deciding to work full time with a full school load, I've had quite the year!  Not to mention all the fun I've had with friends and family just in town.

I loved getting to know Roxanne at A More Creative Me, another working student!  It's always nice to know I'm not alone, though she just finished her semester and I still have three weeks to go.  She's also a Lovely Letters newbie like me, and I'm so glad we were partners this month!  In my package I got:

lovely letters november.jpg
  • A lovely note with some cool stamps and a quote about gratitude
  • Note cards for scrap booking/smash booking she enjoys working on and I mentioned I would be interested in starting
  • Cards!  I always need more cards!
  • Amazing travel themed coasters I can't wait to use

If you want to participate in this exchange make sure to sign up here!  And check out the other exchanges from this month!

I want to leave you with Roxanne's quote in my card:

Gratidue is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all. -William Faulkner